...MIDI означает Musical Instruments Digital Interface, то есть цифровой интерфейс музыкальных инструментов...
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  Трэк: Размер: Время:
 For Those About To Rock 43Kb 5:37
 Highway To Hell 20Kb 3:06
 Thunderstruck 50Kb 4:51
 You Shook Me 21Kb 3:16


 Dream On 14.5Kb 3:35
 Janies Got A Gun 18.6Kb 2:09
 Pink 66.7Kb 3:47
 What It Takes 27.8Kb 4:08
 Walk This Way 38.2Kb 3:16

Bon Jovi

 Always 48.1Kb 8:41
 Blaze Of Glory 69.6Kb 5:18
 Keep The Faith 44.4Kb 5:38
 Livin' On A Prayer 59.1Kb 4:10
 You Give Love A Bad Name 42.0Kb 3:14

Bryan Adams

 All For Love 29.9Kb 4:34
 Please Forgive Me 45.6Kb 5:52
 Run To You 14.2Kb 3:21
 Thought Id Died And Gone To Heaven 42.9Kb 5:53

Chris Rea

 Loving You 41.8Kb 5:09
 Road To Hell 53.5Kb 4:08

Def Leppard

 Animal 41.7Kb 3:56
 Hysteria 54.8Kb 5:54
 Love Bites 43.9Kb 5:15
 Photograph 35.1Kb 4:18

Joe Satriani

 Big Bad Moon 28.0Kb 5:12
 Crush 27.1Kb 4:19
 Crushing Day 71.3Kb 5:18
 Flying In A Blue Dream 38.1Kb 5:02
 Summer Song 73.8Kb 4:55
 Thinking Of You 20.5Kb 3:51


 Cure 27.8Kb 3:20
 Jump In The Fire 69.9Kb 4:43
 Master of puppets 84.5Kb 8:12
 One 71.1Kb 6:56

Pretty Maids

 Attention 34.3Kb 3:55
 Wouldn't Miss You 37.6Kb 3:51
 Eye Of The Storm 19.1Kb 2:46


 A Kind Of Magic 32.3Kb 4:23
 Breakthrough 36.1Kb 4:05
 Friends Will Be Friends 31.4Kb 4:01
 Killer Queen 31.4Kb 2:58
 Made In Heaven 56.1Kb 5:01
 Play The Game 33.9Kb 3:15
 Radio Gaga 63.5Kb 5:46
 Scandal 34.7Kb 4:08
 The Show Must Go On 44.3Kb 4:01


 Still Loving You 25.0Kb 4:59
 Wind Of Change 61.3Kb 5:10
 You And I 57.5Kb 3:09

Steve Vai

 Answers 16.9Kb 3:09
 I Would Love To 32.6Kb 3:42
 Juice 38.1Kb 3:41


 Englishman In New York 55.7Kb 4:17
 Epilogue Nothing About Me 38.0Kb 3:25
 Fragile 50.2Kb 3:52
 If I Ever Lose My Faith In You 65.8Kb 4:37
 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free 86.2Kb 4:25
 Mad About You 22.2Kb 3:35
 Seven Days 38.2Kb 5:19
 Shape Of My Heart 24.7Kb 4:26
 Well Be Together 107.6Kb 4:53

Van Halen

 Aftershock 59.9Kb 5:11
 Ain't Talkin About Love 27.8Kb 3:54
 Can't Stop Loving You 45.5Kb 4:02
 Don't Tell Me 60.8Kb 5:31
 Dreams 60.0Kb 4:34
 Jump 47.2Kb 4:21
 Love Walks In 11.0Kb 1:40
 Mean Street 34.2Kb 3:19
 Panama 11.9Kb 3:25
 Right Now 47.7Kb 4:57

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