Steve Vai

Style: Rock Instrumental  
Album: Passion and Warfare  © 1990
Steve Vai - 'Passion and Warfare' 1990
1.  Liberty
2.  Erotic Nightmares
3.  The Animal
4.  Answers
5.  The Riddle
6.  Ballerina
7.  For The Love Of God
8.  The Audience is Listening
9.  I Would Love To
10. Blue Powder
11. Greasy Kid's Stuff
12. Alien Water Kiss
                                                         13. Sisters
                                                         14. Love Secrets

Chris Frasier - Drums Steve Vai - Everything Else "Heads Up" Truth is the one creation Faith is the flame of Nations All for the life and love of liberty Victory Harmony Endlessly, under God This we pledge With or very breath To the Univers, under God Love is the one creation Faith is the flame of nations All for the love of God All for the love of God All for the love of God Liberty "We may be human, But we're still animals." Erotic Nightmares
Steve Vai - All Guitars Stu Hamm - Bass Chris Frazier - Drums Dave Rosenthal - Keyboards It was a hypnotic state of lust and fantasy. We were all headed for some sort of galactical orasm when we realized that we needed physical bodies to achieve that climax. Since we were in an etereal kind of body, that climax was impossible, but still, the desire for fulfillment grew stronger. The Animal
Steve - Guitars & Keyboards Stu - Bass Chris - Drums "Mi lengua, mi sale de mi boca." When you look deep into the mirror you can see it; The face of danger, ferocious energy, barbaric brute strength; Savage vitality and intense vital sensuality. That's your animal. Answers
Steve - Guitars & Keyboards Stu - Bass Chris - Drums Pia Vai - Keyboards on one chord "De antwoorden zijn altijd al aanwezig." Love is the answer To the things that questions what we are todau; And truth is the answer When you feel that there is nothing left to say. Ba-nu-ni-ni-na-ni-nu Ba-nu-ni-ni-na-ni-nu, Bdra-da Ba-nu-ni-ni-na-ni-nu, Bdra-da-di-da "I cannot be ungrateful for what I Have received from America, But I'm not the judge. The Judge of Justice say, 'Led-em-go.'" The Riddle
Steve - Guitars & Keyboards Stu - Bass Chris - Drums There is nothing that could Never be misunderstood. So let's make love... Let's make love again... Is that a proposition? Now let's make love. "I pledge all allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America And to the Republic for which it stands One nation, under God Indivisibile, with liberty and justic for all. With liberty and justice for all. With liberty and justice for all. With liberty and justice for all. With liberty and justice for all. Which liberty and justice for all. Ballerina
Steve - Guitar Eventide H3000 Harmonizer "La Ballerina si chiama bella rusa. Eayay-ya!" For The Love Of God
Steve - Guitars & Keyboards Stu - Bass Tris Imboden – Drums There is no religion There is no reality or lack of reality There is no start or finish There is no me or you There is only everything And the only thing that is that everything Is Divinity itself And it is all for the love of God. "Walking the fine line between Pagan and Christian." The Audience is Listening
Steve - Guitars & Bass Chris - Drums Nancy Fagan - Vocals & Hysteria Jamie Firlotte - Boy Vocals [The suff in the { }, except the "Thank you's" at the end - Ace] "Now Stevie, now don't be nervous, honey, O.K.? I'm gonna go in & I'm gonna introduce you & then you're gonna come in with your guitar & you're gonna play that nice, nice music you were telling me about; & while you're doing that, I'll be sitting in the back of the. We'll have such a good time, so don't you be nervous, honey. It will relaw everybody, & we'll be so happy. I'm gonna go n now. I'll introduce you, O.K.? HEADS UP! Now you kids you, all of you, calm down. That's good, O.K. everyone in your own seat, that's good. O.K., now, little Stevie Vai is going to play a composition on the guitar. He wrote it all by himself. O.K., Stevie, bring your three friends up, they can play with you. That Seve Vai, what a nice little boy. {I wrote this song for all my friends. When I grow up, I'm gonna be a famous Rock 'n Roll guitar player.} Love it. EH, HE, HE, go ahead. {And this is my whammy bar. And it's gonna be loud.} Don't you think that's a bit loud? Boys!!! It's getting too loud! You're getting out of control, boys. Stevie, now calm down class, calm down. Mr. Vai, you've got to turn it down... {What did you say, you want me to turn it down? You mean down like this...} (Boys, What happened to that nice music?) That sounds like noise Mr. Vai. And I want it stopped! You've all got detention. {Uh, oh, here comes trouble.} Ayy. Vai, are you outta your mind? You, guys, ya don't back off. Ya must be crazy! I'm gonna flip-out. I'm tellin' you. If this is my final flip-out, you guys are gonna go with me. {Ah, shut up.} Will you two stop dancing like that. Frankie, leave that girl alone! We're not gonna have another incident like Mildred. Come here to me me, Vai, don't you hear me? Come here you little snit. Wait 'till I get my hands... don't you run away. Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay Vai. Knock it off! Get off my desk! {Hey Andrea, check this out.} Oh, Stevie, you promised me you;d play nice music; People out of control, dancin' on the desks. Playin' with the girls. That awful noise just make people go wild. You gotta turn that music down, Stevie, please. {I'm fearless in my heart. They will always see that in my eyes. I am the Passion; I am the Warfare. I will never stop...Always constant, accurate, and intense.} Mark my words, you'll never amount to anything, Steve Vai. You'll see, you'll be a bum, in the streets. A bum, that's it, a bum. I thought you were such a nice little boy. Ya know what? Ya mean, ya got a mean, nasty, vicious streak. Why don't you just quit school? Move to California with all those other bums. Go, that's where you belong, with all those crazies out in California. Maybe you'll be famous; {Thank you very much.} Ha! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. {Thank you very much.} You-famous? With that noise? Ha! I'll see ya in jail; {Thank you very much.} Give me a break Stevie, stop it. You'll see, mark my words. I Would Love To
Steve - Guitars & Bass Tris Imboden - Drums David Rosenthal - Keyboards "No, I'm very, very shy." "You know, it's when they look you in the eyes and they say..." Blue Powder
Steve - Guitars Stu - Bass Chris - Drums Bob Harris - Keyboards "This is a ballad dat I wrote. It's all, it's all about peace and love and good happiness stuff." I was high about the trees. Everything was more vivid than I thought was ever possible. I saw things from all sides. Then I realized that I wasn't perceiving things through my human eyes. Greasy Kid's Stuff
Steve - Guitars, Bass, & Keyboards Chris - Drums "This is 'Greasy Kid's Stuff,' mix 12, ground zero, with the melody guitars up .3, bass up .4, kick down .5, overheads up .4, less gate on the snare, and 3dB added at 10K on the Pultecs to the rhythm guitars. We're rolling." "And that's not just greasy kid's stuff." Alien Water Kiss
Steve - Guitar Eventide H3000 Harmonizer They seemed very interested in me, which I found to be quite suprising. I stood there feeling that my presence was creating quite a crude, lackluster aura in comparison to their majestic, crystalline ambiance. They must have sensed that my actions and thoughts were harmless, being that they induced a union between us. Sisters
(Dedicated to Lillian & Pamela) Steve - Guitars Stu - Bass Chris - Drums David Rosenthal - Keyboards They walk through life together With a deep and respectful understanding They laugh and cry together with The most complete sincerity. Through each other's victories and defeats, Glories and humiliations, Euphorias and depressions, they will Grow and evolve together. Even in death, their hearts and souls Will be filled, for there are futures that Await them. They are each other's perfection And totality. They are the perfect pair. They are sisters. Love Secrets
Steve - Whatever "I will discover the sevrets of love." We put our NAKED torsos skyward Our FACES toward the earth in humiliation, While the GODS passed over us. SIRO Here they come again. Goodbye, Bye, Goodbye, See you, See ya, Bye. This isn't just a dream. Yes it is. It's only just a dream. It's only a dream, dream, dream. Dream on, dream on, little boy. Life is just a dream. Life is just Passion, Passion, Warfare, Passion, Passion, WARFARE, Passion, Passion, WARFARE, Passion. Secrets of love are revealed to all In time, by God.

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