Steve Vai

Style: Rock Instrumental  
Album: 1984 © Flexable
Steve Vai - '1984' Flexable
1.  Little Green Men
2.  Viv Woman
3.  Lovers Are Crazy
4.  Salamanders In The Sun
5.  The Boy-Girl Song
6.  The Attitude Song
7.  Call It Sleep
8.  Junkie
9.  Bill's Private Parts
10. Next Step Earth
11. There's Something Dead In Here
12. So Happy
                                                         13. Bledsoe Blvd
                                                         14. Burnin' Down The Mountain
                                                         15. Chronic Insomnia

Little Green Men
"We know ya' come a long way We hope that your ship is O.K. We hope you're gonna' stick around Maybe to save the day. Liw Liw, Liw Liw, Liw Liw, Liw You look - a real keen Even though you are green With those big, large heads Something off of the movie screen. Liw Liw, Liw Liw, Liw Liw, Liw (Chorus) Little Green Men, they look so funny Funny green men I want one to have and to hold and to Silly green men Where do they come from? Should we run away, should we start to pray Or is it a movie that they're filim'? Are the people on your planet Usually in a frantic panic like they are here Most of the time? (Bla...I'm freakin' out...) Wait a minute, you, it is true about Einstein's theory and Darwin's too? What about war, the soul, the mind Love, Death, God, Divine? Little, little, little, little, little, little, little Ladies & gentlemen of the world, it is my utmost privilege to announc to you that these Little Green Men actually do exist, for they are part of the eternal past and venture from all regions of our galaxy to find homage in our earth's center. Governments of the world have been very good at concealing these little visitors and preparing the public with loving movies and pleasent melodies. (Ya' see, like that one - did ya' hear that- yes.) Controlled media as to cushion the arrival of our little friends. You see, throughout history many people have claimed to see strange lights in the sky. (OH NO.) Well, the truth of the matter is that these light, and beings, will only reveal themselves to those who are pure of heart, for these enlightened aliens leave permanent imprinted information on the psyche of those chosen human only to be revealed to our deteriorating planet at the point in which our civilization shall enter the new age of 'Light Without Heat.' Little Green Men about four foot one Maybe they want to have some fun. Little Green Men about 4 foor two Maybe he wants to mate with you (OOH, AH, EEE, ETC...) (Simulated alien sex sequence) Little Green Men about four foot three Maybe they wanna' be set free. We're hoping that the human race will become part of endless time. We love you all and want you to know that in your heart and in your soul there is peower bigger than the world. Little Green Men about four foot Maybe they wanna' kic some butt. MO FO UUUU, AAAA, EEEE, GRRR... (Chorus) (Chorus) E.T.I.O.U. E.T.I.O.U. E.T.I.O.U Ba-v-ni-ni na-ni-new, Ba-nu-ni-ni-na-ni-new Bda-da Ba-nu-ni-ni-na-ni-new Bra-da-di-dat." Viv Woman
Used to be called Hollywood Movie Studios and had lyrics. But at the time of this recording, no singers were available, so it's a dance tune (I guess) and is dedicated to Vivian Carley, a good friend of ours. And if you could put yourself in the groove this tune lays out, you would know a bit of the way Viv is. "Just go for it!!!" Lovers Are Crazy
"He looks a lot like Blondie Bumstead When he lies in bed He cries a lot like Shirley Temple When he's lost in his head He sings a lot like Greta Garbo When he's drunk instead He died a lot like Marilyn Monroe When he ate those reds. He's giving it all to her He asks for nothing back He died for the love of her And many people think that's sad. (Chorus) Lovers are crazy e I'm tellin' you Lovers are crazy Say I'm your baby e I'm beggin' you Say I'm your baby You can't say maybe e or I'm leavin' you You can't say maybe Are we just crazy e am I hurtin' you? Are we just crazy She looks a lot like John Belushi When she needs a fix She cries a lot like Ronald Regan Whe she gets a zit She sings a lot like Elvis Presley When she gets the clap She died a lot like Jimi Hendrix And that's too bad. She's tryin to love him back But it doesn't seem to work She's striving to make it last But it's tearing up her heart and soul. (Chorus) Sometimes you Feel like you're alone Maybe you better feel again Don't get so strung out You're not even near the end. They look a lot like Astaire and Rogers When they dance a lot They cry a lot like Tony and Maria When they're out of luck They sing a lot like Martin and Lewis When they run amok They died a lot like no one I know When their love dried up. No one can fantasize What life without love's like You can just pantomime Someone else's silent night, (Chorus) Salamanders In The Sun
(Instrumental) The Boy-Girl Song
"What am I gonna' do with that girl What am I gonna do with that girl What I am gonna do with the firl You know she drives me wild. That girl she's makin' me crazy But ya' know dat I love her so And dat girl she don't mean maybe Even do' she might tell ya so and Dat girl she gets so lazy I gotta give her all my dough But dat girl is my baby And you know that I Can't let her go." (I think you can figure out the rest) The Attitude Song
(Instrumental) Call It Sleep
(Instrumental) Junkie
I need some junk To shoot in my veins Would you give me some To relieve the pain? These city streets Are drivin' me insane I tried laundry detergent But it's not the same. I need some food To stuff in my face But the garbage man he took the trash away. These city streets Are makin' me crazy I tried to eat rocks But they have no taste. My face is a wreck My brain's decayed I need a fix 'n' I'll Be O. K. These city streets Are makin' me crazy I'm chewin' on glass but I Don't even bleed I don't even bleed I don't even bleed I don't even bleed. I'll pray tonight To the king of kings Won't you pull me out I'd rehabilitate those City streets, you know I can't keep straight Will I murder somebody? Well, ya' Can't fool fate Ya' can't fool fate Ya' can't fool fate No you can't fool fate. I need some help, I Need some help, I'm Fallin' apart Will I die in my sleep Or will I live in the streets In agony? Bill's Private Parts
(Instrumental) Next Step Earth
(Instrumental) There's Something Dead In Here
When I was building this little 8-track studio in Sylmar where I recorded this stuff, something crawled in the studio. Before my boa constrictor could eat it, it managed to crawl in the wall and die and I never could find it. So this song is a representation of what the place smelled like for about 2 1/2 weeks. So Happy
"Ya' know, Steve, I wish we could just always have fun, and never, never, ever have to be sad. And just always smile and laugh, and sing, and play. And just always just be having so, so, so, so much fun. And never cry, never be sad, never have to frown, never have anybody mad at us. Just always having fun, always laughing, and laughing loud, and getting other people to laugh, too. And have so much fun and never, never, never be sad for any reason. And if anyone would ever try to make us sad (or mad), we wouldn't be, because we would just be too glad. And th' we would make everyone else glad because our "Gladys" would be so big, everyone else would have to be glad, too. And Steve, I never, ever wanna' cry, and I know you don't either. And I hope that we will never, never have to cry. And if we just laugh a real lot, and laugh loud 'n' hard and log, we will never, ever have to cry. And if anyone tries to make us cry, we will make them laugh instead; we will make them glad, and we will keep them from feeling bad, and we will never be sad. 'Cause it's so fun to be happy, and I always wanna' be happy with you, Steve. I never want it to be a cloudy day; I always want the sun to shine. And even if one day the sun doesn't shine, we'll pretend the sun is shining. And we'll be so happy, and we'll just laugh and laugh anyway. And pretty soon, all the dark clouds will go away. Because we can't have those dark clouds, no! We will always be happy, and ha~rving fun instead. And if it should ever start to rain (little drops of rain), we will pretend it isn't raining. We will go inside and pretend there's no rain, and sure enough, our gladness will make the rain go away. ("They told me I was gonna get a balloon.") And Steve, you and I are so happy; and, and, Steve, we will just take our happiness with us everywhere. We would go into bad neighborhoods where very sad and very bad people live. But we'd make them happy, and they wouldn't be sad, or bad, anymore. And we would walk the streets of the worst places in the world, and make everyone so happy, make everybody happy. Why, why, we could go to New York, Steve, and make all the people in New York so happy. Why, we could even go to Tokyo. Why, Steve, we could go to all the big cities, all over the world, making people happy wherever we go. And make 'em laugh, and make 'em sing. Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do. Make them sing. So many little, come on; everybody sing along with me now; just everybody go, do-do do dodo do do, do-do-do; whatever you feel like singing; just go, do-do-do-do-do-do- do-do do do do etc...." Bledsoe Blvd
Wa-wa-de-di-de-ew Bew-e-da-m-de-n-da-pwep Poo, poo, pwep, bewp, be-de-dup I, yai, tai, ta-ha-wei dew, dew, dew Bundu-le-do-do-le-a, boop, boop, budu-le-a Bu-du-dew dea wa da da, da dew Bew-dew-dew-dew-dew, da de-de Ba-da-de-de, dew do-wo-de-de-do Bew-wa-do-de-la-de-le, lew, do, do, do, do, do, do, dent Ba-ba-be-yewp-ba-bewp-ba-da. (indistinguishable Mars lingo) Thren keld wing nut; Why not rheam?! Burnin' Down The Mountain
Burnin' down the mountain, They burn it to the ground; Burnin' down the mountai, Till nothing can be found. Burnin' down the mountain, Fire in the sky; Burnin' down the mountain, So new life can survive. Burnin' down the mountain, Full moon in the sky; Burnin' down the mountain, Nothing really dies. etc.... (Make up your own) Chronic Insomnia
This song is a representation of what I felt like after I was up for 3 days writing music one night. 8 guitars palying a written melody, all evenly quantitized in the intercal of a minor 2nd. That's right, octatones. It's also backwards. Rather thick, eh?

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