Pretty Maids

Style: Hard Rock / Hard & Heavy  / Metal Rock 
Album: Carpe Diem © 2000
Pretty Maids
1.  Violent Tribe 
2.  Carpe Diem 
3.  Tortured Spirits 
4.  Wouldn't Miss You 
5.  Clay 
6.  Poisoned Pleasures 
7.  Until It Dies 
8.  The Unwritten Pages 
9.  For Once In Your Life 
10. They're All Alike 
11. Time Awaits For No One
12. Invisible Chains 

Violent Tribe
Join the crowd of leaches Outcast of the world Gathered are the species All the misfits of the earth The subhuman nation Terrifying scene Second hand civilisation Violent in extreme All are we covered by blackened clouds See how we rot from the inside and out Hold on to yourself Stick to your guns law of the jungle The truth here is worse than the lie All numb Hearts made of steel Fear for your life Cause the violent tribe is for real Culture of destruction Dead society Never turn your back cause you don't know your enemy Chaos and disorder Like a third world war Blood flows like water In this stinking sour Out here where life is worth nothing to some Down in the gutter your second to none Never close your eyes Don't close your eyes Among this scum in this miserable slum you're alone you cannot run you cannot escape there's no getaway there ain't no sanctuary there's no relief no way out of here Children of aggression Twenty first century trash A terror vision In your face In your face Kill for no reason And show no remorse Brothers in treason Reject from the laws Hold your spirit high Carpe Diem
Following my intuition Guided by my inner vision Life's to short for intermissions here Live it to the full extension Crash into a new dimension Burning out with no exeption, yeah There ain't no other life no second chance I don't believe in miracles There ain't no mountain high no fellow man To stop me from this course I've planned Carpe diem got to cease the day Live here and now like tomorrow's too late Carpe diem there's no time to waste Life is for living no reason to wait Shinning like a nuclear sun Shooting like a laser bomb I just want my share of fun for sure I feel like flying without feathers Diving into never never I wish I could live forevermore I got to eat up every moment Won't let a second slip away Ain't gonna back down I'll be rolling on Every minute of the day Just like a highway Don't know where it ends Don't know where I'm going Or where it will lead me Life still excites me On dreams I depend My future is glowing A magical feeling Tortured Spirits
There's something deep within I can't get rid of it Something inside me causing horror in my head I'm a stranger to myself Don't know what I'm doing Know what I'm doing Tortured spirit haunting me Playing with my sanity Taking over steal my soul I'm in a mental stranglehold Don't want to share myself with you or someone else What kind are you to split my mind and bend my will Just get out of my life Now why don't you leave me why don't you free me And when my better part has gone My alter ego still lives on we're two persons in one I can't break the bonds Tortured spirit haunting me Playing with my sanity Taking over steal my soul I'm in a mental stranglehold Tortured spirit leave me be Now tell me what you want from me Taking over steal my soul Tortured spirit don't do it oh no Wouldn't Miss You
A love explosion One big bang Like a supernova One outstanding date with her Just one flash And I was spellbound Love came crashing right into my world But now she says she's leaving me that love ain't what it used to be But I won't let go I can't let go I wouldn't miss you for the world I wouldn't miss one day without you I couldn't live without you girl I wouldn't miss the things that we do And nothing in this world could come between The queen of all my dreams And all that glitter All that grace No such love would come my way Without you And girl you're all that matters to me no broken hearts or shattered dreams won't do us no good Now all want is high romance I've had my share of one night stands But it's over now It's all over now And no one in this world could play your part You had my heart held hostage from the start Let me cut down to the bone Well It's much to my regret I was the first to cast the stone Now why can't you forget She's my woman She's my fire Everything to me Clay
I've been drifting around this world a stranger Been lost in empty space I've been reaching out to find my saving grace And I've lived a life of no direction I've walked the endless mile I was down and out until I met you child I want you to take me hold me Shape me as you please Want you to love me I'm down on bended knees I will be clay inside your hands I long for your embrace Let the light of love Shine upon my face I've been tangled up in disillusion Been stuck inside this shell I was blind to anything around myself And I've been tied up in this no mans land This empty wilderness Found the kiss of life in the fire from your breath And finally found that my destiny Didn't crash on tireless waves Now that love has been blessing me I'm unchained Poisoned Pleasures
I see you on the street and while your eyes are bleeding I see you shake his hand while buying dreams for cash You need that trip You'd die for it You're of the ground now You feel that rush That instant high Poisoned pleasures Chemical treasures inside Disease you mislead you and finally defeats you Change your behaviour It will enslave you for life Blinds you divides and desensitize you You might as well just face that you're addicted to it And everyone can see your candle's burning low It runs your life Kills your pride Steals your money You need that stuff The wings to fly Kill yourself to live Every pleasure has its price Life is what you give away Until It Dies
Since it began Since the dawning of days It's been rearing it's head Along the way Ever since man Crawled out of the sea We've been pledging our souls To purgatory Now ever since we kissed the serpents tongue Betrayed by lust we await it's coming Caged in fright of the chosen one And there ain't no hope until it dies Into of oblivion enter the devils womb unholy origin come days of doom no mercy it's breeding fear our final hour is here life as we know it has gone forever more storms are growing heaven awaits the pure kneel to pray this holocaust we're helpless defenceless Death and disorder plagues and torture living the undivine nothing is sacred terminal hatred covered in sin evil intention holy dimension purity for the swine but there ain't no cure we're in decline We're stillborn We're dead meat We're no one Until it dies We're stillborn We're bad breed We're no one Until it dies Heaven is burning The sky is fiery red Souls are yearning Uprising among the dead We're faithless And abandoned Forsaken generation Rage and agony Pain and tragedy Now insanity reigns Screaming in anguish Towering madness Not of this earth Death of innocence Pay your penance and greet the devil in shame and there ain't no hope until it dies And as I fear this ancient myth My only comfort is my death The cross of sin is hard to bare One day the devil take his share The Unwritten Pages
Everyday routine Just the same old scene There's no love between us It's dying If I will you wont If you do I don't Love is skin and bone Accusation's flying Now there's nothing that could solve our differencies And change our acts of no address We're only suffering from our reality It's just a game of hit and miss All the bridges left behind The bliss we couldn't find All the unwritten pages We don't know what is to come We can not see beyond The unwritten pages No more bitter pills Mental overkill We just fool ourselves All this fuzz and fighting No more vicious words All they do is hurt No more throwing dirt Girl we're sliding There ain't no cure for all this heartbreak overload Our lives are left in disarray We're holding on to something we lost so long ago We should have gone our separate ways Now love is colder Like the river turning ice There ain't no feelings to restore They're gone forevermore Nothing to work out Nothing to retain You see there ain't no common ground No passion to be found We ought to know For Once In Your Life
Hanging by the phone waiting impatiently I'm in a minor key but still there's no reply Sitting counting days going through endless nights But baby still the light of your star fills my sky Here we are facing trouble again We've been down this road before There ain't no point in this struggle my friend Love will find away For once in your life Give in to surrender Let the tears of your pride Flow away in the rain And start all over All you left was just a bunch of photographs The slices of the past and now we're worlds apart But baby your picture makes no substitute It can't replace the beauty the fire in your heart And now we're stuck with all the hurting and lies All the foolish things we say Maybe we both could need a pair of new eyes And see things the same now baby If love still stand a chance Life still goes on In the name of romance You're still the one Girl without your love I feel so out of place A man without a face my heart has broke in two I'm feeling blue So girl you've got to give me all your tenderness You know that one sweet kiss will make my dreams come true I'm beggin for you Why don't we break the chain of pain and reach out For the healing hands of love And rediscover what it's all about And let love begin now baby Lets start all over All over again They're All Alike
Big brothers watching You're under control Detecting all you do Every step down the road They'll take your decisions When your mind is weak They'll paint you a vision but never practice what they preach Promise you gold as their stretching the truth Two faced and all full of lies Beg for your vote deceiving the youth Leave you divided inside They're all alike All they do is speaking words of incomplete They're all alike They're just gonna skim the top And feed their greed You're just a number A brick in the wall You'll come undone When they've left you with nothing at all Manipulate you Impose you their will Disintegrating the fortress You've build around yourself They try to school you and blur your believes Compel you their self made designs Don't let them fool you don't let them mislead you with their cynical minds Their hearts are frozen their heads are diseased As they fly on mighty wings Their ego grows as their power increase As they pull the strings Time Awaits For No One
So many things I'd like to do So many dreams yet to come true So many wasted hours on my tail So many broken promises So many lies and sweet regrets precious moments that went down the drain but there's no time to loose no need for bad excuses now the clock is ticking all those days are flicking by somehow and I'm still stranded but time awaits for no one time just keeps on going time awaits for no one time just keeps on rolling by so many people that I've hurted so many visions I've deserted all those stupid things I've said and done and so much love I did not give so much life I never lived and one to many yesterdays have gone I can't reset to zero Can't rewind as years go by I can't defect from All the bad reflections of my life So here I'm standing Can't beat the clock Race against time It goes on eternally It never stops Runs out of line Oh no Invisible Chains
Something about her I can't figure out But there's something that doesn't seems right something behind that peculiar smile emotionally crippled inside The invisible chains that eternally binds you the strength of your pain will remain to remind you Once you get burned you get marked for the rest of your life She's living in shame she's distressed from the stains suffer the scars of her youth if only she could renounce to her childhood and run away from the truth But nobody take a notice and nobody ever did Hurt and absent And a life in contempt never no question was asked now there ain't no hide out she can't conceal herself facing the ghost of the past It's a no one situation and nobody wants to know She believed in love And now she lives in the non - existence Like a wounded bird She's trying to get of To spread her wings and fly Fly away

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