Pretty Maids

Style: Hard Rock / Hard & Heavy  / Metal Rock 
Album: Anything Worth Doing, Is Worth Overdoing © 1999
Pretty Maids
1. Snakes In Eden 
2. Destination Paradise 
3. Hell On High Heels 
4. When The Angels Cry 
5. Back Off 
6. Only In America 
7. With These Eyes 
8. Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing 
9. Scent Of My Prey 
10. Face Me 
11. Loveshine 

Snakes In Eden
You are the lust behind the lie You are the hate that never dies Suffering and misery You are the cycle of my pain The never ever ending strain And bring out all the worst in me And black is your religion As the darkest night A cat among the pigeons Waiting for the strike You are the poison in the bite The raging jealousy inside My wrath and my hostility You are the virus in my veins The growing cancer in my brain You are infidelity I have watched the cities rot I have seen the nations fall And I have denied my God While you misled us all Search in myself Got to face my demons Rising from Hell There are snakes in Eden You are blasphemy and decadence The stealer of my innocence The worm that wriggles around my soul You have haunted me right since my birth Created all scum of the Earth And caused this world eternal cold You are infernal You are the mentor of my sins You are the incubus The evil from within Destination Paradise
Take a little trip with me Let your spirits wander free I'll free you from reality I can take you there Let me be your Peter Pan Take you of to Never land Make you feel like Superman Make you feel aware Ignite you Excite you The sails are set for Destination Paradise, kiss the sky Flying high tonight On the wings of a dream Sail away, leave today In a sea of light And flow with the stream Once we've made friends Don't pretend that we won't meet again I will be tied to your tracks I can change your attitude Sweeten up the bitter fruit Let me put a spell on you For a little while You'll be safe in my control I got you in a stranglehold I'll free your mind and steal your soul I can make you smile Destination Paradise, kiss the sky Flying high tonight On the wings of a dream Sail away, leave today In a sea of light And flow with the stream If you want more I'll be there at the end of the straw I'm your drug, I'm a rock Cut me up take me in – Take me Now they say you're sugar free Won't you drop a line for me And how is your morality Now that you've come clean Do you still have confidence Can you face the consequence Don't you see it never ends It's still the same old scene I beg you, won't let you go Hell On High Heels
I met this girl She stole my heart She rocked my world Right from the start One single look An instant attraction And i was hooked for more But I know You're fooling around girl And i know she's pulling tricks on me But she glows, there's something about her And i'm lost in her mystery But she's hell on high heels Once you're stuck inside her web She leaves you in a trail of passion She's a drug you just can't quit And your mind is in a haze One little touch One little kiss A little lust I can't resist You know I'm trapped And once I'm invited No turning back oh no Maybe she's just a one-night sensation Maybe I'm just a toy for amusement But it seems like an infatuation She's a match to my fuse She'll eat my heart out My mean lean queen Love machine Heartbreaking soul shaking girl Uh, she plays a dirty game I might be lucky and roll a six on the dice I need her love tonight Need her love When The Angels Cry
I pray the Lord my soul for him to keep For all the world to see To save me from the Devil and his creep To lay his hands on me I feel the ground beneath me shake I can't rewind I'm gonna fall Father forgive me For we don't know what we do Love resurrect me To the world that i once knew Depraved diseased A far out scenery We know it all too well The path we choose To find the gates of Heaven Is just the road to Hell Raping the land And apocalyptic plans It's the nature of man See what we created Stare into the face of time Living in a world devastated When the angels cry Cry for salvation When the final day has come We're the last generation In the shades of Babylon Denial betrayal No meaning to our failure No answer to our pleas A burned out culture Chaos and revolt It's mankind on its knees Our future is vanishing Like blood in the rain Like a paper in Flames See what we created Stare into the face of time Living in a world devastated When the angels cry Think of all the beauty we wasted Is this the end of it all And I saw another sign in Heaven Great and marvelous Seven angels having seven plagues Which are the last For in them is finished the wrath of God Back Off
Wear me out Stone me in the street You can tear me down But you cannot erase my memory Preach to me I don't take advice I don't compromise I gotta look the devil in the eyes I know that you'll never see things the way I do But only fools follow rules Back off Do you hear what I say Back off Get out of my way Hang me up Say I don't belong Pull the plug Spit on me, but I'll still come on strong Stab my back But don't step on my pride Hit me from behind In the end the vengeance is mine And nobody really wants you when you don't fit in For some the streets will never bend And if you cross my path I'll take you off the map and Terrorize you Neutralize you Pulverize you Hurt you bad I'll fight with all I got though I'm right against the odds so Here I am All defiant Out of time Kicked out of the world You can't systematize me I ride against the flow Your norms don't satisfy me I want you to know Only In America
In the land of make believe In America Go chase your fortune Suicide on prime TV Mass hysteria The U.S. wants you Malcolm X, politics Tricky Dick and dirty tricks Sugar Ray, CIA, lost in Hollywood Letterman, Disneyland, Luther King And Ku Klux Clan Watergate out in space Armstrong on the Moon Ride on to life It's what you make it In Gods country Eye for an eye This is only in America From the piles of dollar bills To the poor ones in the ghetto nation And the riches on the hill Take advantage of illegal aliens Iron Mike, take a bite Stern is on the air tonight Al Capone, rock 'n' roll, Elvis is alive Kennedy for president Shot in Dallas 1 PM Liberty, LSD Lucy in the skies Sue you out of every course Hypocrites and foreign wars Brave new world Brave new world With These Eyes
Life is running slowly through our hands Fade away like footsteps in the sand Passing by us And all our vision went astray We're living with the scars of yesterday To remind us We look the other way We're blind to what surrounds us And no one seems to care We dream of better days 'Cause everyone's got their own cross to bear Ain't it so With these eyes I have seen Wasted lives and broken dreams With this heart I have felt How we seem to please ourselves We need new dreams tonight Like the stars need the sky We need love and sympathy I need you and you need me Look upon the homeless in the street See the pain of those in need All those empty face Think about the selfish way we live How we take and never give Somehow some things never change The man behind the fence He's got nothing left to live for The wheels are standing still And the beggar on the bench Is lost for hope and he knows It's the loneliness that kills Some day take me and show me the way To the end of the world where Paradise begins With these eyes With this heart I have seen many lives torn apart Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
Life in the fast lane Living against the law Riding the speedtrain Life is worth dying for When I take off from here The only way is up My principles are clear Too much is not enough 'Cause anything worth doing And all that is worthwhile Is worth overdoing And this is my style Dancing on the edge I feel alive Chasing the red lights Drawn by the danger signs Spaced out on the wild side Crossing the dividing line And when the night rolls on I need some fuel to run I'll be the last man standing When all the rest has gone Life in extreme It's my playground, my scene I'll enjoy every moment in time Taking the scars As I burn out my star 'Cause I wont live by others designs I'm a firecracker Ready to explode And I'm blazing Crazy Right till the end of the road Scent Of My Prey
Walking in a trance tonight Round the city streets Looking for some pure delight To fulfill my needs My sanity is split in two I'm burning with desire Girl, I got my eyes on you You're fuel to my fire Creeping in on you You'll never see me coming Nothing you can do, oh no No one's got a clue There ain't no point in running Now, can you feel me honey I can smell you The scent of my prey Raised to be a monster A pervert lunatic In a psychotic hunger I twist my strangle grip Look into my eyes And tell me what you see Are you terrified baby I'll be satisfied Now you're in my possession I'll realize my mission I can smell you The scent of my prey Now my head is filled with emptiness And I don't really recognize myself Is it true what the paper says Could it have been me Little girl, don't you sense the danger Little girl, never trust a stranger Don't take the candy from his hand And don't you play his game He'll steal your life away Baby step inside I'll take you for a ride No one hears you cry No mercy My kind of pleasure, is the key to your pain Face Me
You slag my name Insult my crowd You ruin my day You count me out You criticize Antagonize me You question me And my integrity Now tell me, who are you to judge If I am out of time, and out of touch Now anytime, you pick the place And I'll be there Come out and face me You piece of trash You son of a bitch Let's take a bout Come out and face me I'll kick your ass And split your lips I'll punch you out; I'll knock you down You doubt my skills Well, let me tell you I despise your stilted Intellect, oh yeah And then again I'd rather go to hell Than ride the trend And prostitute myself I know the nature of your kind Is it the envy deep inside Or just the fact that I survived If it is so: Trendrider, can you show the way I'd try to be hip for one day And gone tomorrow You build me up and tear me down You change the things I say around You're telling lies, you scumbag Now tell me what Gives you the right I hate your guts You goddamned parasite And no one gives a fuck Of what you think, about who you are Your opinion sucks, tabloid super star Every word you wrote just to hurt me I'll shove 'em down your throat, you little piece of shit Loveshine
My baby she's a sexual intellectual Something special, and she's mine Invaluable, unusual, amusing And she?s crucial to my life She picked me up Just like an angel out of nowhere One little miracle An answer to my prayers Love shine on me Lift me up, take my heart in your hands Love shine on me Never stop 'cause you're the only one My rising sun of love Shine on me I find her irresistible so magical So mystical, but she's physical She is She leaves me in a state of grace The sparkle on my rainy days She's my bliss She takes me underneath her wings When I feel blue My sweet soulsister Now my heart belongs to you When I feel lonely, like a sailor lost at sea She makes me realize what love can be She is so good to me Loveshine

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