Pretty Maids

Style: Hard Rock / Hard & Heavy  / Metal Rock 
Album: Spooked © 1997
Pretty Maids
1.  Resurrection
2.  Freakshow
3.  Dead Or Alive
4.  Die With Your Dreams
5.  Fly Me Out
6.  Live Until It Hurts
7.  Spooked
8.  Twisted
9.  If It Can't Be Love
10. Never Too Late
11. Your Mind Is Where The Money Is
12. Hard Luck Woman

Приглашённые музыканты:
Alan Owen - клавишные, дополнительный вокал

All songs written by R.Atkins & K.Hammer, 
except "Hard Luck Woman" by Paul Stanley 
and "Crazy Horses" by Osmond

[Intro] Freakshow
It's killing me Distinctively they're calling the game They force me down We're dragged around All numbers and names Leave us in confusion Like pigs on the run Chasin' an illusion We're daughters and sons Who long to be needed We need to be loved We wanna live It's a freakshow out here We wanna live It's a freakshow out here They're tramps and thieves Unfaithfully they're feeding the flames Beyond their lies Majestic smiles Beneath the remains Solitary youth All sisters and brothers Hurt by the truth Have faith in each other We won't be divided We'll all stand united Look at your leaders Sow bad blood between us They promise you heaven And sent you to hell Under the surface They're all crooks and murderers And all of their might I despise I can't believe my eyes Dead Or Alive
They shout in the streets of Rangoon A young revolution in bloom Uprising among the Chinese For justice and freedom of speech Stand up in line Speak out your mind Fight for your right to believe Leave your misery Die with dignity Cry for justice when you long for it Want it Dead or alive Gonna hold your fire high Stand up for your reasons Dead or alive It's a game of do or die In your fight for freedom Oppress you with muscle and might They fear the rebellion in sight With evil tyrannic regimes They rule but they can't kill your dreams Scream it out loud They're deaf to the crowd Ignores your demands to be free Free and break your bonds Never bow to no one Cry for justice when you long for it Want it All for the cause is worth the price Another human sacrifice Another spill of blood on the bricks Beyond their minds as cold as ice Behind their little white washed lies Love don't exist Die With Your Dreams
Once a child of illusions Once a king but you've lost your crown When the walls came tumbling down Now you walk in the shadows Down the boulevard of broken dreams Loosing track floating with the stream I know the feeling Like a stranger in a strange land Cause you can't see there's love Can't feel it enough Your heart is your prison When there's no light to be seen When you die with your dreams And loose your religion You've been looking for an answer You've been searching for the key to life You've been crying in the dead of night See you drown in the darkness In the world so freezing cold It's like a nail hammered through your soul Sometimes it seems That you've been born under a bad sign Down in the dust Where there's no one to trust When there's nothing to hold on to Stare yourself blind In the mirrors of time For the great divine You can't choose can't break the chains There's nothing to loose And nothing to gain It's your life your fate has been sealed Your alone with your lack of believe Fly Me Out
On through history we've come all the way Through wars and destruction Represent the image of decay Betrayal and corruption I don't wanna be a part of this no more Fly me out Fly with me I don't believe in kings or presidents In legends and heroes Humans caused the death of innocence We fall back to zero I stare into the blind world and sigh Fly me out To find a new tomorrow Fly with me Get on your wings and follow Shout at the sky and pray to the gods To keep the flame alive Sweet mother earth you look hysterical Condition critical We need the magic of a miracle It is a hostile age we're living in Ungodly sin I can fell the pain that lies behind your eyes Kneel down all you heathens Disbelievers and await his return Pray for his forgiveness For we live and never learn Live Until It Hurts
I wanna taste it Feel it in my bones Gonna reach for the sky I got wings I can fly on my own I'll go the distance You'll never see me crawl Cause I'm over the hill And I'm in for the thrill of it all And you know Easy come and easy go I can feel the fire glow In my body and soul Live until it hurts Wanna feel it Fight for all it's worth Take on the world because it's mine all mine I ain't gonna sit and waste my time Live until it hurts Spread my wings and Fly like a bird It's better to burn out than to fade away Stand up until my dying day I'm gonna live it up Take it as it comes Have a piece of the pie Feel like a wild on the run I'm gonna walk on Never gonna rest I'll go for the lot and you know I'll stand up to the test Wanna win Gonna put the wheels in spin And enjoy the state I'm in Fell the magic, raise some hell I'm running with the devil I'll be kicking up some dust Push it to the limit Cause my motive is my lust I'm lit up like a rocket Ready for take off tonight Nothing's gonna stand in my way I'll come on strong and live for today Cause nobody knows what tomorrow will show Got a hold on life and I can't let go Spooked
You dragged me through your system Your blasphemic religion Denounced me as a public enemy Disgraced me for the jury Lit an outrageous fury Created all the clouds that covers me Now you made me Turned me into what I am You profaned me As a child of the damned You got me spooked Don't give what you can't take back Really spooked Don't give what you can't back You brought me to the slaughter You drank the holy water Washed your hands and sanctified yourself Tortured and crucified me You nailed me to the cross You burned my eyes and caused me living hell You deceived me Now you beg me to forgive You mischieved me Disbelieved my right to live Vicious pictures stuck inside my head Right until you lie dead Right before me Forgive and be forgiven Jesus said But how do I forget All that easy You hurt my mind you stained my soul For deeds I haven't done You killed my pride and blocked my goals Now see what I've become I'm comin' out to get ya My personal vendetta Is gonna free me from your stranglehold I'm back in violent rage To revenge my crippled soul Unchain my anger let my hate unfold Right behind you For the rest of your life Twisted
People think I'm crazy In a schizophrenic state of mind Mother Mary save me From my darkest hour to come alive In decline Beyond this tortured mind I feel intoxicated Desolated Images of evil Scenes of suffering inside my head I'm falling into pieces I'll close my eyes before I bleed to death In my dreams It all becomes surreal Inside my world of fiction Contradictions Twisted that's what I am Ride the road to ruin I'm loosing stand Don't know what I'm doing It's slipping through my hands Oh Lord won't you help me Help me now before it gets too late I'm burning down the candle Can't you hold on back the hands of fate Through my wretched visions Mental exhibition Blind confusion Disillusions Screaming out to no ones ears I suffocate inside my fear I'm out of control Cause when the lights are getting dim That's when my soul begs me to sin Lord take me home If It Can't Be Love
No cure for the broken hearted No hope for the lonely one Now baby ever since we parted I played a game that can't be won But I still believe in love Cause I know it do exist Have you ever tried to need someone Have you ever tried to feel a love like this I know I had my misdemeanours Here I am to count the cost You say there's a world between us That I'm one that you just can't trust Let me make it up to you Just gimme one more try Cause I'm drowning in this loneliness And my spirit slowly dies If it can't be love If you won't let me into heaven again I want you to stay by my side What does it take to be forgiven my friend Where did I go wrong I gave to little and expected too much I wanna die in your arms I can't get by without the feel of your touch One million little love affairs babe Still the thorn stuck in your side I promise you I really swear girl That part of me is a part of my life Can I ever break the walls The fortress around your heart Cause there's no meaning to it all When love is torn apart And every poisoned word that has been said The reason to regret Love is stronger, love is stronger than death Let's talk it over let the good times begin Let's just get closer baby Skin on skin till the end Never Too Late
Your fading picture Filling up my senses You pulled the trigger Shot through my defences You left me bleeding lying on a bed of nails There's something we should talk about Can't let it slip away Emotionally I'm lost without Your sweet embrace I want you wont settle for second best Girl its true there's never been no one else And never will How could anything right go so wrong how could anything good turn so bad girl you're everything I really want all I have and all I ever had I need your loving keep it coming to me just like the river that runs into the blue sea I'm gonna please I'm begging on my hands and knees Cause something deep within has died my heart is in a mess the loneliness is hard to hide without your caress You're all I need to fill in the pages in my book of dreams it's never too late for love never too late for love And into the misty eyes of memory do you remember how it used to be do you recall all the good times baby The days are dark the nights are long if you're not here with me love leads the way the road goes on the best is yet to come Your Mind Is Where The Money Is
Look at yourself Life in extreme You're a symbol of wealth and luxury Fashionable clothes Champagne on ice Well it's your definition of paradise You'd sell your soul for glamour And trade your heart for gold You've got eccentric manners You're in control On top of the hill What you don't know Is that you're mentally ill Cause your mind is where the money is And it never changes You go blind when you feel the bliss Of the ghost that haunts your mind Your blind Valuable friends prestigious might They'll be gone with the wind When moneys tight In the eyes of the man on the street It all seems so absurd Your selfish greed Material gods mislead us The rich will tax the poor We bite the hands that feed us And ask for more It's tearing you up You want it all You can't get enough Can you feel it When it tears your soul Into pieces One day the score will be equal again And the rich will descend from his throne You can't buy your way into Heaven my friend You see fate has its price on its own You've been blinded You just can't hide it You can't hide it Hard Luck Woman
If never I met you I'd never have seen you cry If not for a first hello We'd never have to say goodbye If never I held you My feelings would never show It's time I start walking But there's so much you'll never know I keep telling you hard luck woman You ain't a hard luck woman Rags the sailors only daughter A child of the water Too proud to be a queen Rags I really love you I can't forget about you You'll be a hard luck woman Baby till you find your man Before I go let me kiss you And wipe the tears from your eyes I don't wanna hurt you girl You know I could never lie Bye bye So long Don't cry I'll be packing' my bags Leaving you I gotta keep on moving...

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