Pretty Maids

Style: Hard Rock / Hard & Heavy  / Metal Rock 
Album: Scream © 1995
Pretty Maids
1.  Rise 
2.  Scream 
3.  Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth
4.  This Love 
5.  Walk Away 
6.  No Messiah 
7.  In A World Of Your Own 
8.  Dont Turn Your Sex On Me 
9.  Adrenalin Junkie 
10. Anytime Anywhere 

So many promises From master to slave All lies and emptiness From the cradle to the grave We don't need words but action We want it here We want it now What do you think they're doing For you and me Better save your life from ruin Rise up Cry out to the nation Rise up Break out off your shell Rise up TV generation Rise up Go out give'em hell You've got to clean your claws Don't take no more Don't have to hide away From the colour of your skin And you don't have to bare the cross And suffer from their sins Got to believe in something Though you have faith in nothing Life's like a bullet to your head You've got to come out What's your conclusion Now do you believe In a silent revolution Rise up Cry out to the nation Rise up Break out from your shell Rise up TV generation Rise up Go out give them hell Rise up Don't put your trust in the flames of the flag Who's gonna wash of he blood form the tracks When do the lion Lie down with the lamb When do we drop down The guns form our hands You see we build this world on solid ground Do you wanna see it all come down Scream
Don't remember now Can't recall somehow Black holes spotting your memory So you fell from grace Tears run down your face See yourself as the enemy And now you find yourself Along the road to nowhere To find the road leads back to you Into obscurity Where darkness blinds in despair You're running scared Inside the world where you live You can be who you wanna be Look in the mirror See what you wanna see Scream Until some one hears your calling Scream We don't hear nothing at all Needle kills the pain Nothing cures the blame Feel the fear rising from the deep Better taste of sin Razor cross your skin Better pray for your soul to keep What do your see outside The windows that surrounds you Around your twisted human shell Now do you hear what other people Say about you Look at yourself and suffer Dive into hell you unholy and rotten Lay down among the abandoned forgotten now And when you sleep at night Your friends will come alive You cannot run you cannot hide Escape from who's inside you Manic depressive gloom Reflects your mental wounds It's creeping up behind you The serpent crawls inside you Forever to decline you Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth
Purify my soul Someone clear my eyes Tell me if the grass looks greener On the other side 1994 Rotten to the core Power seeking parasites Outside your door Who'll offend you Bend you Condemn you Tell you how to run your life Steal away your prid Throw your face into the dirt Psycho-time-bomb-planet-earth Mirror, mirror on the wall Tell me if the sky is falling down Hey you dogs of war Defenders of the flag Tell'em just to shove it up And burn their body bags Sex kill terror anarchy Kiss the dirt taste the pain Pass the panic to the population now I see torture Betrayal And disorder Mama let me out of here Aint no place for me no! Going through the mud An endless flood A sea of blood Hatred and madness The demons seed is sown Beneath your feet Inside your head I can't stop this ship from sinking Lord I hear the bombs are thkking Mirror, Mirror on the wall Tell me if the sky is falling down This Love
Girl do you remember Back when we were worlds apart Those days are over Now we're standing heart to heart Even in a summer love A little rain must fall But if we still believe in love Then love will conquer all I recall I do remember when But it has changed a lot Since now and then No one can put out this fire So close No one can take this away This love Just lift us higher and higher I know Without your love I wouldn't last a single day Girl I've gone through heartaches From paradise to pain I'd go the distance girl To shield you from the rain Climb the highest mountains Sail she seven seas Just to show you that the river Runs for you and me Now this love is like a solid rock We gotta hold on babe To what we got High on emotion We want the nights to last forever Wild-eyed devotion We'll fly up high and touch the sky Like a ball and chain We're linked together When it all stand still When there's only you and noone else And if you want me to I'd swear to you There ain't no thing that love can't do It'll take us of the ground Everywhere and all around Walk Away
Here we are standing at a crossroads baby Can't seem to make a move Don't know which way to choose We used to fly into the heavens On the wings of an angel An everlasting fire An eternal cruise Those were the good times Stolen moments underneath a full moon rising We both laid down with love And woke up with lies Gonna give it one more try Here we are picking up the pieces Trying to get this puzzle together We need a cure for this disease A heeling hand Though our love has come to a dead end street And we're stuck where happiness And heartache meet You see we can't give it up It's not too late You need a little love Don't hesitate I swear I'll give it all I've got To make you stay So don't you walk away Once a time and place There was a bond between us Something sacred something innocent We need a star that doesn't fade And wherever it might lead us We gotta follow in our hearts direction I got a feeling girl We're gonna crash into love How can you back down baby When love is all around And it's here to stay I'll be determined to defend A tower of strength Though the best laid plans Sometimes go astray There's a guarantee that love will find a way A heart needs love Like the desert needs the rain And I need you girl Each and every day We'll do the things babe That other fantasies Women we just need a little confidence In each other No Messiah
You want me a simple man To lead you on to the Promised Land So unreal don't you see Behind the mask There's a devil in me I'm rolling thunder I'm sun I'm shine Slowly slipping under I'm more than meets the eye I love I hate I swear I lie I'm just like any other guy I'm right I'm wrong A prodigal son Set souls on fire I'm no messiah And you won't like What you'll find Sometimes I've got a sick mind of mind In these arms You'll be sad Cause I feel good when you're feeling bad You see I'm complicated Not just black and white I'm devastated You see I'm Jeckyll and Hyde If you step into my world my friend You'll find another part of me Gotta sin to be saved On the other side of life you'll se I win I loose The naked truth So hard to face When you can't choose I've never worn A crown of thorns I'm no messiah In A World Of Your Own
Let your love rain down on me Be my poet and my preacher And give me reason to believe That you'll be there If I should need you Here you whisper in the summer wind I still see you shine in the horizon Now come to me as my long lost friend I'll never let you down But you're living in a world of your own Where innocence glows So far from this heart of mine I would travel destinations unknown To see if you still remember The promises we once mad I took the apple form the tree I was a child for your temptation Guess I was always meant to be Heading our for your direction Like a gypsy or a refugee I'm rambling around in blind confusion But nothing ever seems to come Down my street I'm just a heartbroken man When the fire goes dead And my world is apart Will you forgive and forget Be the light in the dark Wont you wet my lips When the bottle runs dry Tell me is the truth Just another lie Like the river untamed Like a mother and child Like the wind and the rain The earth and the sky Let the colours of love Float into one We'll be one We could be one Don't Turn Your Sex On Me
When I wake up in the morning All wrapped up in sheets On your silk covered bed Skin on skin softly warming If loving you is living I'd be better off dead Try to break away But you wont let go Tearing me apart When the lights are low You drag me through the fire Giving me that innocent virgin look Slap me in the face While you've got me on the hook You're the devil and desire You turn your sex on me You bring me to my knees Black hearted woman please Don't turn your sex on me You're the goddess of temptation Use me up abuse me then you crucify me You got me wrapped around your finger I'm stuck inside your shadow Deeply hypnotised I bet you're feeling good When you got me down Walking on the moon While I hit the ground You know just how to bend my will Hardheaded woman got a hold on me Still you got me running for your company You know it's the passion that kills Don't ever let a stranger Into your heart I should have seen the danger signs Right from the start Knocking on my door Come into my room Leave me in a spell With your sweet perfume Then you take me, bend me, shape me Raging like a fire In the heat of sin Baby feels hot like a desert wind You're animal and innocence Adrenalin Junkie
Gonna push it to the limit Fly like a bird Tale a one-way ticket Into another world Got to be close to the edge Makes you feel alive The adrenalin flow Eats you up inside Won't you tell us what it's like Tell us how it feels It's a suicidal ride Unreal It thrills you Gotta feel that rush Well it could kill you 'Cause it's a lethal lust Every hour on the hour You're driven by desire Closer to the fire Adrenalin junkie You're burning out fast You never slow down Nor save the best for last The higher you're climbing The harder you fall Adrenalin junkie You want it all In your eyes the wildfire rage The inner voice still scream Like a rocket into space Always the first in line You stand up to the test High speed on borrowed time Your body never rest Every hour on the hour You feel your pulse is rising No compromising Living in the fast lane Always in the lead No mountain high enough To fulfil your needs There's no limit's you won't pass No risk you wont take You're a wave about to crash A storm about to break Time and time again You're feeling the flame that burns within you You're never gonna stop Every hour on the hour Your heart is beating faster Headin' for disaster Anytime Anywhere
I feel like stranded alone On a desert island Down and out wounded In this heart of mine Your final words still echoes inside I pick up your letter See trails of your poisoned pen But it only reminds me Of the bitter end Recall your face and your accusing eyes And I don't know How to face a new tomorrow Now that yesterday seems so faraway Anytime and anywhere You call me up I'll be right there To hold your close to keep you safe and warm And if you find you need someone To give you strength to carry on I'll cover you and rest you in my arms From now until the end of time You were my precious stone My pride and joy But I was nothing but a trouble boy Who had it all Then threw it all away Now good intentions are not enough But you can count me in When times get tough I'll fight for you Stand up for you And I'd die for you Now it seems a long, long time Since I held you near me And I feel my heart Is tangled up in chains I never meant to hurt you I never wanted it to be this way God I wish you would have stayed But I still love you I'm thinkin' of you Girl I need you so And I know That you're somewhere out there Girl I need your love I still need your love

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