Pretty Maids

Style: Hard Rock / Hard & Heavy  / Metal Rock 
Album: Pretty Maids © 1983
Pretty Maids
1. City Light 
2. Fantasy 
3. Shelly The Maid 
4. Bad Boys 
5. Children Of Tomorrow
6. Nowhere To Run 

City Light
(Hammer/Owen, A.Andersen) As the night turns everything black Human fear'll come creeping back Tear apart your desperate fright But as a rescue; city light Glimpse of neon hits your eyes While you get beaten by violet guys Sound of sirens though the night But as a rescue; city light If blood's the answer to darkness pain No one will ever walk the streets again Has told the cops about that dreadful night But as a rescue; city light Are you hurt some voices mutter As your blood runs down the gutter Someone saw a face through the night But as a rescue; city light Darkness melts before my eyes As the last bit of witchcraft dies Killed this nightmare to giant sighs But as a rescue city light As the morning reaches a point of greed Voices of horror reject my plea A giant explosion of human fright But as a rescue; city light Had it all been a game in my mind A search for thrills that you cannot find How much more can you stand these nights But as a rescue; city light Fantasy
(Hammer/Atkins) I see the stars are falling down from the sky In the summer heat But I don't know the reason why Maybe that's conceit But I can hear the flowers grow In the pouring rain Don't ask me why 'cause I don't know Am I going insane Is this a dream or reality I don't know what is going on now Is this a nightmare please, please tell me Where do I belong Just a fantasy Just a fantasy Just a fantasy Just a fantasy Now I feel like a burning fire Growing stronger and stronger Telling people their desire But they ain't got none any longer I feel like sitting on a purple sky Riding on the wind Flying low and flying high Again and again Is this a dream or reality I don't know what is going on now Is this a nightmare please, please tell me Where do I belong Shelly The Maid
(Atkins/Hammer) Don't ever think you have paid For the last love by Shelly the maid She'll give you all her loving aid When you need a warm bed - Shelly the maid Shelly with her belly filled with joy She knows how to treat her boy She'll give you anything right She won't leave you in the night 'Cause she knows when there's money in sight You'll never see her pale She'll wear purple red on her toenail You don't ever have to be afraid Who'll never let you down - Shelly the maid Bad Boys
(Atkins/Hammer) Saturday night The kids are back Ready to fight Ready for attack They are the bad boys They are masters of the town You are their toy And they will only bring you down Out in the streets The battle of begins Dirty deeds The boys are gonna win Bad, bad boys Bad, bad boys Morning light Hits your eyes Such a night Can make you cry Bad, bad boys Bad, bad boys Children Of Tomorrow
(Hammer/Atkins) They live in the streets Outside the walls Left out in the cold There's nowhere to sleep They've taken the fall Into the hole They grew up with violence They learned how to hate And learned how to fear They searched for silence Before it was too late Before it was disappeared Where is the future Where is the past The answer's unknown But the child of tomorrow Don't know where he is Or where he shall go They are the children of sorrow They are the children of tomorrow And all their illusions All of their dreams Are all gone so far They live with confusion Don't know what it means Don't know who they are So rise all you children Come back to life You're wasting your time 'Cause you are the future You are not left behind Nowhere To Run
(Hammer/Owen/Atkins) Running around the corridors Blood on the walls Blood on the floors And your brain is full of fear Evil laughs and dreadful cries Nowhere to run nowhere to hide Seems like death is standing near Nowhere to run Nowhere to run What the hell is going on There's killer behind you back Just waiting for attack And your heart is beating fast Your body's shaking, you're going insane Something's going on in your brain Death will overtake you at last The might is over, the dawn is breaking All night long you have been waiting It's cleaning up inside your head You think you're safe, you're feeling high But you're wrong I'll tell you why Nobody escapes the castle of death

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