Motley Crue
Style:  Heavy ../ Hard Rock
Album:  Quaternary © 1994
Motley Crue - Quaternary 1994
1.  Planet Boom
2.  Bittersuite
3.  Father
4.  Babykills
5.  Friends
6.  10,000 Miles Away
7.  Hooligan's Holiday
8.  Hammered (Demo)
9.  Livin In The No

Planet Boom
Phythm Denotes The Regular Pattern Flow Of Sound And Movement And Speech Ya Know Rhythm Dictates The Soul To Stop And Go Of The Sound That Moves The Strrets Ya Know In A Natural Phenomenon Boom And It Makes Ya Wanna Do It 'til You Gotta Go Boom Over Here, Boom Over There Boom Everywhere Boom Over Here, Boom Over There Boom Everywhere The Best Is Sweet And It Melts In Your Mouth This Ain't No Shit No Doubt You Gotta Shake Things Break Things Everybody Take Things To A Higher Level Pumpin' Jumpin' A Physical Activity Pumpin' Jumpin' A Physical Profanity I Make A Drum Speak The Language Of Rhythm I Create This Boom For You Boom Over Here, Boom Over There Boom Everywhere Boom Over Here, Boom Over There Boom Everywhere Bittersuite
Mick Mars: The Blues Have Always Been A Big Part Of My Life And A Major Influence On My Guitar Playing On This Tune You May Hear Some Of My Guitar Heroes Such As Jeff Beck, Richie Blackmore And Jimi Hendrix To Name A Few I Hope You Enjoy Listening To It As Much As I Enjoyed Playing It. Father
All These Years An Angry Child Broken Chattered Torn Inside Father Where Were You Where Were... I Feel Old I Feel Dead Barely Hangin' By A Thread Father Where Were You Where Were... To My Father How Could You Run You Walked Away Abandoned You Son Broke My Heart Left Me Dyin' So Fucked Up Where I Came From What's A Father Without A Son It's Like A Bullet Without A Gun I Live To Die, I'll Fly Away You're The Knife, And I'm The Prey But You're Dead, So Fucking Dead We All Gotta Die, So Fucking Die I Love You Daddy Babykills
She's A Revolution, Anarchy In Hell On High Heels I Get Called The Villain Washin Down My Love With Her Pills Lips Are Speakin Chaos, But Her Eyes Are As Blue As The Sea She Carries Mothers Bible Mixes Valuim With Her Beliefs And You Know She Gets Me High I've Seen Flowers An Razors In Her Hair She's Walkin Trouble With A Innocence I'll Just Sit Here Thinkin On My Windowsill She Keeps Me High, Miss Babykills She Sugar But She Spicy, Licks The Venom Off Her Lips Dressed Like A School Girl Loves Her Poisoned Finger Tips I Just Know I Love Her, She Sent From Above For Me And You Know She Gets Me High I've Seen Flowers An Razors In Her Hair She Talkin Trouble With A Inner Sence I'll Just Sit Here Thinkin On My Windowsill She Keeps Me High Miss Babykills Friends
I'm Sitting In This Room-alone Time Is Passing By I Think Of Things I've Said-and Done And Now I Wonder Why At Times All My Eyes See Is A World Of Misery When I'm Overwhelmed With Pain You Tell Me How Endeared I Am My Friend Somehow We Know Just What We're Thinking And Listen When The Other Calls I'm Here Waiting For You Call And When We're Feeling Down We Pick Each Other Up Before We Fall You're Sitting In Your Room-alone Life Is Passing By You Think Of Things You Said-and All That You've Done Now You Wonder Why And When All Your Eyes See This World Of Misery When You're Overwhelmed With Pain I'll Tell You How You Endeared You Are My Friend 10,000 Miles Away
I Been Drinkin Lately Girl You Know I'm Sick In Love Don't Know When I'll Be Home Then I See The Faces When I'm Standin On The Stage It Gets Me Thru The Nights And When I'm Feelin Cold...all I Have To Do Is Call To Warn My Heart 10,000 Miles Away I Been Feelin Low And I Really Miss My Son Hey Boy I'm Callin You When I Think About Our Lives It Gets Me Thru The Nights Adn Warm My Heart 10,000 Miles Away You Knew This Was A Hard Life When You Met Me Sometimes I Can't Feel If It's Night Or Day You Now I Couldn't Trade This Baby If I Had To Goddamn, It's Hard Being So In Love It's True Maybe I'm A Gypsy Baby Livin On Stage Something's I Guess Will Never Never Change Girl I Know You Love Me Even With This Path I Choose I Hear You Call Mu Name Anytime At All, Anytime At All I'll Warm Your Heart 10,000 Miles Away Hooligan's Holiday
Drop Dead Beauties, Stompin Up A Storm Lines Of Hell On Our Face Bruised Bad Apples ..crawling Through The Night Busted Loose..runaway!!! Always Always Thrill Without A Motive 30 Days Just A Haze Everybody Wants A Piece Of The Action Everybody Wants Some Piece Of The Pie Where Ona Holiday, Hooligans Holiday I'm On A Holiday.... Hooligans I Gotta Get Away ....hooligans Holiday Where On A Holiday #"#()" Hooligans Cross Eyed Derilicts Coming An Iron Horse Between Our Legs Tattoos An Black Manes Flowin Everydays A Holidayze ********* Modern Times An New Bloods Pumpin Only The Strong Survive Hammered (demo)
Act Like Jesus Crucified Again These Four Walls Are Closing In Who And What Do You Think You Are A Rich Motherfucker In A Fancy Car Concrete Jackal Suckin On The Past Gold Card Junkie Kissin Moneys Ass You're The Monkey On My Back And It's Time For You To Go Hammered You're More Harm Than My Old Vice And I Don't Wanna Know Hey Mr. Bigtime Hollywood Tell Your Story Walkin Your Moneys Running Low From Your Cocaine Who're Nothing But A Rat Scratchin At My Door Now I've Said All I'm Gonna Say Times Will Judge, See Who Fades Away Hammered Now You're Feelin Low Tired And Beaten Razor Blades And Daggers Perce Your Soul You're Six Feet In The Hole Set Down On Your Knees In Hollywood Livin In The No
My Girlfriend Says I Can't Do This My Wife Says Don't Do That Another Case Of P.m.s. Gonna Have A Heart Attack I Need A Small Vacation Maybe Fly Jamaica's Way Told My Lawyers And Accountans Done All I Can Take Oh No Livin In The No One More Mother Breathing Down My Neck I Think I Will Explode Oh No Livin In The No (how'd Ya Like To Live Your Life) Everyday , Everywhere I Go It's Livin In The No Tv Says Dead For Christmas Stalkers On The Loose Another Freeway Shooting And I'll Be Hangin By A Noose I Can't Seem To Shake It I Guess It's A Bad News Spell Special Thanks To Mom & Dad For Bringing Me To Hell Chorus You Heard About What Magic Caught Too Many Penthouse Pets Oh Don't Forget Your Protection Baby Lord Knows You Might Be Next

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