Style:  Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock
Album:  Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good © 1985
Megadeth - Killing Is My Business.. 1985
1.  Last Rites - Loved To Death
2.  Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
3.  Skull Beneath The Skin
4.  Rattlehead
5.  Chosen Ones
6.  Looking Down The Cross
7.  Mechanix

Last Rites - Loved To Death
Last Rites (Instrumental) Loved to Deth Your bodies empty now As I hold you Now gone I miss you But I told you I remember bad times More than good There's no coming back Even if we could I loved you to deth If I can't have you Than no one will And since I won't I'll have to kill My only love, something I've never felt Now you've gone to heaven And you'll burn in hell I loved you to deth Solo-Mustaine And now I'm down below And what do I see You didn't go to heaven Your down here with me And now coming back, Baby, take me, please! I really think I would If you weren't such a sleaze I loved you once before You kept me on a string I'd rather go without Than take what you would bring I loved you to deth Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
I am a snyper Always hit the mark Paid assassin Working after dark Looking through the night Using infra-red My target on you Aimed at your head $10,000 up front $10,000 when I'm through And I know just what to do And ya know I'll do it too Then I'm coming back for you Back for you! I do the "getting rid of" Don't tell me why Don't need to hear the truth Don't need the lies Now pay me quickly And now we're through It brings me great pleasure To say my next job is you Don't you know that Killing is my business And business is good (Repeat) You'd better believe it Solo-Poland Skull Beneath The Skin
Solo-Mustaine Mean and infectious The evil Prophets rise Dance of the Macabre As witches Streak the sky Decadent worship of Black Magic sorcery In the womb of the Devil's Dungeon trapped without a plea Solo-Mustaine See thing in agony Necrosis is the fate Pins sticking through the skin The venom now sedates Locked in a pillory Nowhere to be found Screaming for your life But no one hears a sound Hellpp Mmmeeeeee Prepare the patients scalp To peel away Metal caps his ears He'll hear not what we say Solid steel visor Riveted cross his eyes Iron staples close his jaws So no one hears his cries The skull beneath the skin Now your drawn and quartered Your bones will make the x Symbol stands for poison And it's chained to your head And as we fold your arms To make the holy cross We cross the crucifix Religion has been lost The skull beneath the skin Solo-Mustaine Rattlehead
Well, Here I come Stand up and plant your feet Listen I'm letting off steam Now throw your hands in the air Let loose I don't fuckin care Solo-Poland Rattle Head A dose of metal you need To bang your head til you bleed It's time for snapping some neck Slashing, thrashing to Megadeth Solo-Poland Rattle Head You, Your head, is pounding with pain Winning, sinning, beginning Feeding, the needing for bleeding Bashing, smashing, crashing Fraying, annhilating you! Solo-Poland There's someone back in the shadows You feel though you can't see his eyes He'll bash your head if you cross him Ain't quite your average guy Don't wear no leather to "fittin" Don't wear no spike to be "cool" Don't want no woman beside him Just make it fast, Loud and Rude Rattle Head Solo-Mustaine I'm a Rattle Head Rattle your Goddamn Head! Chosen Ones
You doubt your strength or courage Don't come to join with me For Deth surely wants you With sharp and pointy teeth An animal so vicious No others fought and won So on the fields of battle We are the chosen one Human bones blanket the dirt of the heathens lair That we must pass this den of deth The only path from here But I walk in the light The time to die has come No one shall take my life I'm of the chosen ones Black shadows till the sky As the creatures eyes grow near Raise the shield of the holy pilgrims High into the air Heavens powers fill my arms Onward now to fight I'm sent Oh the beast is coming To put you to the test Solo-Mustaine Lookout! Now this land is mine to pilage Rape, and steal, and take at will Never let you cross this path I reign, for now, I say to Kill Looking Down The Cross
Solo-Mustaine Now before they take me And my blessed life Now you'll know why Deth Was summoned here tonight I'll recall my perils They'll kill me in pride No, I can't run away There's no place to hide Though too much to live for I owe enough to die Ask not for salvation My Deth shall mean their lives Hatred and guilt the alter they've built High preists of sin Destiny, fate the wicked ones gate Beckoning you in Down the walkways Through the blood stained town Looking down the cross Bleeding from the crown Led to stay To die besides the thieves Kill the king Of the world to be And now to you, this will come A putrifying pestolence More noxious than the serpents breath Male violently destined More corrupt than the malice of choronzon More disease than the wind Of the moonlight sun Putrification you have caused No need for confession Now you wish you had a gun to stop the demolition Swinging the judgement hammer Man, woman, child no-one is safe The heads of the dead are the banner and this was all you got So don these broken wings Sands of time run out Bells of Hades ring Is this a nightmare To unhallow thy name Smell of brimstone Dancing in the flames No help now As you fulfill his task Chief of evil Has got you by the ass Set free To sit upon the throne Just a dream? Your weeping all alone Solo-Mustaine Looking down the cross (speak no evil) I'm looking down the cross (speak no evil) Mechanix
Imagine you were at my station And you brought your motor to me Your a burner yeah a real motor car Said you wanna get your order filled Made me shiver when I put it in Pumping just won't do ya know luckily for you Whoever thought you'd be better At turning a screw than me I do it for my life Made my drive shaft crank Made my pistons bulge Made my ball bearing melt from the heat We were shifting hard when we took off Put tonight all four on the floor When we hit top end you know it feels to slow I'm giving you my room service And ya know it's more than enough Oh one more time ya know I'm in love Solo-Mustaine

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