Style: Heavy Metal / Speed Metal 
Album: Keeper Of The Seven Keys © 1987
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys '1987'
1. Initiation
2. I'm Alive
3. A Little Time
4. Twilight Of The Gods
5. A Tale That Wasn't Right
6. Future World
7. Halloween
8. Follow The Sign

(Instrumental) I'm Alive
You, you say, you have lost the way Got no aim, just livin' for today Look up to the sky above And see the morning sun again You got so much power inside So cry it out my friend Chorus I'm alive, I'm alive I'm alive, I'm alive There's no use in hangin' all around You're a king, can't you see your crown Look into my eyes So many things are waiting to be done You just need a friend Together we will sing along Chorus (Solo) (Kai/Harmony both/Melody Kai) Look into my eyes So many things are waiting to be done You just need a friend Together we will sing along Chorus A Little Time
Higher It's what I expect from my Life It's like a wire That holds me back down to the ground Oh, I hear you say "That is the way of the world" No, hear what I say "I wanna do so much in my way" Higher I've set my limits and bounds There's a fire It's burning so hot in my head Oh, I hear you say "That is the way of the world" No, hear what I say "I wanna do so much in my way" Chorus We got A little time to build up your lives A little time to make up our minds A little time to fill up our dreams A little time, time (Solo) (Mike/Kai) Chorus (Solo Licks Kai) Twilight Of The Gods
(Melody Solo Kai) Insania 20 14 We've thrown away our former gods Controlling our day We have created better ones So we control the way We are the ones with the power To hold down the enemy Our gods are perfection And they are protecting our lives We still need some more of them To be safe from the other side As long as we're stronger Nothing will happen to us Fireflash in the night Just an evil dream Holy war in the sky. . . .never Insania 20 16 Error in store 103 We watch the sun at night The pretty gods we've built ourselves Now terminate our lives Silicon brain powered voices Are crying "attack" tonight In anger, burning our world Doomsday has come And there is no place to hide away The future is over And there is no turning back Fireflash in the night Now reality Holy war in the sky. . . . Chorus Twilight of the gods Insania's dead and gone Another world was born But the twilight soon will come (Solo) (Mike/Harmony both/Kai) Fireflash in the night Now reality Holy war in the sky Chorus A Tale That Wasn't Right
Here I stand all alone Have my mind turned to stone Have my heart filled up with ice To avoid it's breakin' twice Thanx to you, my dear old friend But you can't help, this is the end Of a tale that wasn't right I won't have no sleep tonight Chorus In my heart, in my soul I really hate to pay this toll Should be strong, young and bold But the only thing I feel is pain It's alright, we'll stay friends Trustin' in my confidence And let's say it's just alright You won't sleep alone tonight Chorus (Solo) (Mike) With my heart, with my soul Some guys cry you bought and sold They've been strong, young and bold And they say, play this song again Chorus (Solo Licks Mike) Future World
If you're out there all alone And you don't know where to go to Come and take a trip with me to Future World And if you're running through your life And you don't know what the sense is Come and look how it could be, in Future World We all live in happiness our life is full of joy We say the word "tomorrow" without fear The feeling of togetherness is always at our side We love our life and we know we will stay Chorus Cause we all live in Future World A world that's full of love Our future live will be glorious Come with me--Future World You say you'd like to stay, But this is not your time Go back, find your own way to Future World Life can be for living Just try and never give in Tell everyone the way of Future World One day you'll live in happiness With a heart that's full of joy You'll say the word "tomorrow" without fear The feeling of togetherness will be at your side You'll say you love your life and you'll know why Chorus (Solo both/Kai/both) Scream it out Chorus Halloween
Masquerade, masquerade Grab your mask and don't be late Get out get out well disguised Heat and fever in the air tonight Meet the others at the store, Knock on other people's door Trick or treat they have the choice, Little ghosts are makin' lotsa noise But watch out. . .beware Listen. . .take care Chorus In the streets on Halloween There's something going on No way to escape the power unknown In the streets on Halloween The spirits will arise Make your choice, it's hell or paradise Ah--it's Halloween Ah--it's Halloween. . .tonight! Someone's sitting in a field, Never giving yield Sitting there with gleaming eyes, Waiting for big pumpkin to arise Bad luck if you get a stone, Like the good old Charlie Brown You think Linus could be right The kids will say it's just a stupid lie But watch out. . .beware--listen. . .take care Chorus Listen now--we are calling you. . . And there is magic in the air (Solo Kai) Magic in the air. . .on Halloween Black is the night full of fright You'll be missing the day What will be here very soon Changing your way a knock at your door Is it real or is it a dream On trembling legs you open the door And you scream. . . .on Halloween (Solo Kai/Mike/Kai/Mike) Darkness Where am I now Is there anybody out there What has happened Am I in heaven Or is it hell I can see a light comin' It's comin' nearer It's shining It's shining so bright It's shining on me (Solo Kai/Mike/Rhythm change Mike/Kai/Mike/Kai) I am the one, doom's in my hands Now make your choice, Redeemed or enslaved I'll show you passion and glory He is the snake I'll give you power and abundance He's the corrupter of man Save me from the evil one Give me strength to carry on I will fight for all mankind's Deliverance and peace of mind (Harmony Solo both) But watch out. . .beware Listen. . .take care Chorus Yeah, it's Halloween (Solo Licks Kai) Yeah, it's Halloween. . .tonight Follow The Sign
(Guitar Kai) Now that you've made your choice Follow the sign Did you make your choice? You're the keeper of the seven keys Our only hope's your victory So follow the sign

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