Europe - Wings of Tomorrow

Style: Hard Rock
Album: Wings of Tomorrow © 1984
Europe - Wings of Tomorrow 1984
1.  Stormwind
2.  Scream Of Anger
3.  Open Your Heart
4.  Treated Bad Again
5.  Aphasia
6.  Wings Of Tomorrow
7.  Wasted Time
8.  Lyin' Eyes
9.  Dreamer
10. Dance The Night Away

I like to sit beside the fire When the light is going down I like to hear the wild wind blow outside my door I have so much left to remember I have so much left to forget And I know I just don't have to search for more But you want to change my world Stay out of my life Stormwind--you're just like a wind Comin' to drag me away Stormwind--what can I say I just don't want you to stay I like to walk around in dreams at night And play with kings and queens 'til the morning light I like to wake up in the morning unaware Of the fact that you are calling me To ask me if I want to be Someone who you could love and always care for Scream Of Anger
I won't live to see tomorrow There won't be another breath None of them will ever sorrow Those who sentenced me to death I've been waiting here for ages For the hangman to appear Soon the priest will read some pages From the Bible for my fear I see a place an evil place Comin' my way What can I do where can I run I'm gonna die anyway Things are getting clearer This is the price I have to pay I feel like screaming out my anger There is so much left here to do When it happened I was younger And my destiny was you I see a place an evil place... What can I do About leaving you We were only halfway through What can I say There was no other way They wouldn't let me stay Open Your Heart
Days filled with joy and days filled with sorrow I don't know just what to do Am I happy today, am I lonely tomorrow Everything depends on you I've been waiting for the angels to knock on my door I've been hopin' that everything could be like before Open your heart and tell me what's wrong Why can't you talk like you used to do before I don't know if I'm weak, I don't know if I'm strong Hey girl, I can't cope anymore I've been waiting... Open your heart, let me hear you Make up your mind, I want to hear you call Open your heart, want to come near you Make up your mind, oh girl, before I fall Maybe the sun will continue to shine Maybe the rain will continue to fall Maybe you want to leave me behind Maybe you'll change and give me a call Treated Bad Again
Hey girl don't come to me And ask me for a helpin' hand 'Cause by the way things seem to be I would never ever understand When he comes to you You always take him back Hey girl, just wait and see You're bound to have a heartattack 'Cause whenever you meet It always turns out the same You're treated bad again Treated bad again Hey girl why can't you learn that changes can be made 'Cause when he comes to you You got to turn and walk the other way Go out, hit the town, Try to look for something new Go out, mess around, Understand what you are going through 'Cause whenever you meet It always turns out the same You're treated bad again Treated bad again So many nights My thoughts bring me to you I've seen him come and go And so many years You don't know I've been watching you But baby, baby, baby Would something change if you knew Aphasia
(None Lyrics) Wings Of Tomorrow
You must be dreaming, Or going out of your mind There's no way of changing, The world over one night Maybe you need to recover, From all the things you've been through Maybe you need to discover That it ain't much left to do Ride, ride, ride the wings of tomorrow Ride, ride, ride to change the world You feel sorry for the nation of 1984 And it cuts you like a razor 'Cause you've seen it all before You've seen one war after another So many lifes on the line You must take care of one another Or it's the end of time Wasted Time
Blood's been spilled throughout all times We should know better since we've been around There's been changes there's no denyin' But in what direction is good sense flying This world so endless blue Is better for lovers You cry 'cause you don't know if it's true If all those years've been wasted time Evil strikes, you feel the fear The vision of the future is no longer clear In your mind you see yourself Running and hiding you're somebody else Lyin' Eyes
I can tell, just by the look In your eyes, that the love is gone, that I once took So much has changed in the way you live I bet there's nothing left that you can ever give The words of a madman are spoken I guess I'm not the only one The heart of a sadman is broken Eyes, lyin' eyes You can fool anyone without disguise Eyes, lyin' eyes Your look is cold as ice It's in your blood, it floats in your veins I sacrify myself but all I feel is pain You've done me wrong, you've been so bad But it's the last time a battle is lost Where I'm the one who's sad The words of a... Eyes, lyin' eyes... I wish you'd die, I wish you'd break down and cry I wish you'd move and then I know I'd be satisfied Can't you see I'm on the edge, I can't look down Is it me who's lost and never found Dreamer
He is down by the riverside Late one night He's tryin' to count the stars In each of the signs All alone by the riverside And time passes by Gathering thoughts of the past And maybe he'll cry So they say he's a madman And he don't understand But I know that he's tryin' hard To act like a man All those years he has suffered, my friends All those years of pain But I don't think he knows for sure If those years were in vain He's a dreamer And he's fightin' for his life He's tryin' to understand He's a dreamer But he wants to carry on Yet I know he's a lonely man Dance The Night Away
Hey girl I can feel your heart We had something goin' on right from the start When I look at you I just feel so good Hear the music breakin' up the ground Can you feel it I just love the sound And I'm lettin' go just like I should There's something goin' on that's so hard to describe Well, I can dance the night away There's nothin' else that I want to do I can dance the night away There's no one else that I want but you Tomorrow never gets in my way When I feel like dancin' night and day I just want to get up and never ever get down Seems to me I won't get old And my heart will never ever get cold It's so hard to feel bad when you're around

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